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  • The General Assembly – the supreme body of ZAP SR. Each member organization is represented by one, usually by the legal representative (Chairman, CEO, director, etc.). The scope of the General Assembly is determined by Statute of ZAP SR.
  • President – is a statutory body of the Association, he represents the Association outwards. Also he is the chairman of the Executive Committee
  • The Executive Committee ZAP SR – in accordance with General Assembly resolution ZAP SR determines, directs and controls the activity of a professional secretariat in the period between meetings of the General Assembly
  • The Presidium – is a working body of the President of the Association. The members of the Presidium are President and Vice Presidents. The presidency is called by the president or at least by three members when it is needed. It deals with internal and external activities of the Association.

The Executive Committee ZAP SR

  • Honorary president
    Jozef UHRÍK
  • President
    Alexander MATUŠEK
  • Executive Vice – president
    Pavol PREPIAK
  • Vice-presidents
    Ľubomír ŠOOŠ
    Július HRON
    Martin JANČO
  • Members
    Dušan DVOŘÁK
    Peter ŠVEC
    Július LANG
    Vojtech ŽÁK
    Dušan VALIENT
    Juraj SINAY
    Róbert HORNÁČEK
    Peter FAJNA
    Dušan HALUŠKA
    Boris DUĽA
    Viliam BUJNA
    Zdeněk PETZL
    Miroslav MLADÝ

Supervisory board of ZAP SR

Supervisory board is the supreme audit institution of the Association, responsible to the General Assembly. Members of the Supervisory Board are:

  • Chairman
    Marián FRANEK
  • Members
    Jozefína TRGINOVÁ
    František CEDULA
    Ján ANDÉ
    Adriana KOCIANOVÁ
    Isabelle LERAT

Professional division and section creates the General Assembly for solving long-term professional tasks and unification views of member organizations in the area. There are currently working these divisions and sections:


  • representing the interests of cars importers
  • statistics and informatics in the motorcycle market
  • forecasting
  • cooperation in the creation of legislation
  • exhibitions


  • representing the interests of motorcycle importers and producers
  • statistics and informatics in the automotive market
  • cooperation in the creation of legislation exhibitions
  • exhibitions

Section personnel:

  • selection and training of workers
  • cooperation with schools
  • vision for the management of HR activities

Technical and legislative section:

  • cooperation in the creation of “automobile” legislation in Slovakia
  • harmonization of domestic legislation with the European
  • informatics in standards and regulations

Section of supplier’s development:

  • informatics in field
  • systems of quality management
  • searching for partners