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About us

Automotive Industry Association of Slovak Republic (AIA SR) is a voluntary association of the legal entities (such as corporations, companies, cooperative societies and others corporate bodies) acting in the following fields:

  • research, development, manufacturing, trade of the motor vehicles, trailers, their components, bodies for the motor vehicles and their trailers and equipment for the motor vehicles and their trailers
  • projection and manufacturing of the tools and the objective devices for the automotive industry and similar fields
  • import of the motor vehicles and their trade.
  • preparation of the collage graduated specialists for the automotive and the supply industry, similar fields and the servis and the operation of the road vehicles


Origin and history

AIA SR was formed in 1993 (20th of June) in Bánovce nad Bebravou by signature of The Foundation Act by the 14 foundation members in accordance with 20th paragraph of the law no. 509/1991 of the body of the civil law.

The Association was registred by the Disctrict authorities (Topoľčany) in The Register of the Interest Groups unde the identification number 90/03302/93. AIA SR was moved in Bratislava in 2000.

AIA SR is uniting 161 organizations at the moment. The Association maintains many national and foreign contacts and cooperates with associations of the similar fields.

Since 1995 Division of the car importers is part of AIA SR, which unites official importers of cars.

Since 2000 Division of the motorcycle manufacturers and importers takes is formed inside The Association, which covers official and authorized manufacturers and importers of the particular brands.

The collective members of AIA SR are: Slovak Society of Automotive Engineers (SAITS), National automotoclub of the SR (NAMK), Autoclub of Slovak Republic.

Since 1997 AIA SR is rightful member of International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).

Since 2002 The Association is also member of The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).

Since 2002 The association of the sellers and automobile services (CPSMV) is part of the AIA SR, but since 2006 (1st of July) CPSMV works as separated association.